City of Cincinnati

Welcome to the City of Cincinnati's Residential Parking Permit page! Once you have registered for an account, you may apply for a residential parking permit. Applications must contain all required documentation. Once an application is submitted, you will be notified by email of approval or denial. Follow the provided instructions to proceed. 

When changing a license plate or updating a new vehicle, please go to "BUY" permit and select "permit plate change request".  Upload vehicle registration for new cars and rental cars upload the rental agreement.  

When renewing a permit for the next year go to "BUY" permit and change tentative start date to the day after the day your current permit ends.  

When uploading verifications for proof of residency we accept mortgage statement, lease, Duke, or Water bill.

To update a vehicle for an existing Visitor permit login to your account and go to My Permits.
Select View next to your visitor permit. Scroll down to the selected vehicle box and where it says "to add a new vehicle, click here" add the vehicle information and save.  To remove a vehicle and add another - Hit the red trash can under action and make a new selection from the drop dox. Once you add a vehicle you do not have to add it again, it will be in your drop down.

Posted Date : 12/29/2023